Getting an API key

You will need an API key to use the Shipping API and the Postman collection.

Your API key options depend on the environment that you want use.

Sandbox environment

Our sandbox is a free testing environment that is designed to mimic our production environment as closely as possible, so you can try out API calls and test your API integration.

It can used by existing Metapack customers or prospective customers who want to evaluate our APIs.

The sandbox environment supports two API key options.

API key option Data Intended users Contact
Evaluation API key Use example retailer data set up by Metapack. Prospective Metapack customers Metapack Sales
Customer API key Use example retailer data set up by Metapack or your own shipper account data. Existing Metapack customers with shipper accounts or anyone who procures the API and moves from evaluating it to integrating with it Your Metapack Professional Services implementation consultant

If you want to use your own shipper account to try out the API, you cannot use the API to send any consignments until the static data for your shipper account has been set up. The creation of this static data forms part of the implementation project to onboard each Metapack shipping customer.

For more information about getting started with the Metapack Platform, go to setup checklist.


An evaluation API key can be used only in our sandbox environment.

Production environment

If you want to access our production environment, you must be a Metapack customer. This is because you will need a Metapack shipper account and your static data and configuration requirements must be set up on the Metapack Platform.

To get your API key to access our production environment, contact your Metapack Professional Services implementation consultant.