Shipping API overview

The Shipping API is an easy-to-use REST-based API that enables you to manage all of your shipping needs without having to worry about the complexities of different carrier APIs and protocols.


  • Creating consignments
  • Appending parcels to consignments
  • Allocating, deallocating, and deleting consignments
  • Allocating consignments to appropriate carrier services by using shipping rules
  • Creating labels and other paperwork for consignments and parcels
  • Creating manifests and paperwork for manifests


  • Rate shopping enables you to identify the feasible services and rates for a shipment before creating the consignments and labels.
  • Labelling meets a variety of needs, from simple labelling through to complex multi-parcel shipments and customs documentation.
  • Manifesting enables you to send carriers advance notice of expected shipments.
  • Shipping rules facilitate allocations.


  • Use of a highly scalable and powerful API across multiple geographies for the same shipper.
  • Access to a modern delivery management API with a modern developer experience.
  • Interoperability with the Metapack Shipping SOAP API , so you can transition gradually from your integration with the SOAP API.