Metapack API technologies

Learn about the technologies associated with Metapack REST APIs.


Metapack uses Apigee to manage API keys.


The Metapack Platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud platforms and has its own virtual private cloud within AWS.

Metapack provides a fully resilient and redundant infrastructure to ensure that its services can run smoothly and without outage. Resilience is provided at every level of the Metapack Platform from power and internet connectivity provided by AWS through to deploying multiple application and database servers utilising AWS Availability Zones.


Metapack public REST APIs are REST-based APIs, so they are based on open standards and thus easy for developers to understand and put to use. The APIs provide flexible and simple interfaces to the underlying services of the Metapack Platform.

The APIs also conform to the OpenAPI Specification, so API resources are operations.


JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) provides a lightweight, simple way to exchange data while maintaining the structure and meaning of that data, and has become one of the preferred ways to enable API communication.