Metapack Platform

Learn about how the Metapack Platform can support your delivery management needs.

Powerful delivery management platform

Our delivery management platform supports all of our products and services and is unique:

  • Seriously fast responses rates. Unlike most carrier platforms, we create native integrations for unparalleled performance. We are honest about our speeds, and so confident in our response rates that we contract to them.
  • World’s largest carrier and PUDO library. Just one integration gives you access to 4,900 shipping services and 350,000 PUDO locations to support delivery in almost every market and region across the globe.
  • Truly unique carrier allocation. Unlike most carrier platforms that use fixed rules or hard-coded logic, our carrier allocation uses real-time carrier, warehouse, and customer data to make intelligent selections.
  • Built for scale and volume. With 1 billion labels transacted annually, and 13.5bn tracking events, our platform is built to handle large volumes with contracted 99.9% availability.

Technology focus

We also focus on using the latest technology to deliver a better experience for our customers:

  • Auto-scaling. We auto-scale our infrastructure to respond to peak demands in traffic.
  • Always up to date. We are continuously releasing updates to meet changing market needs, legislation, new technology, and more.
  • Security-focused. We take network protection extremely seriously and use a variety of means to defend our platform against attack.
  • Robust hosting. Our software deploys into multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting zones for guaranteed uptime.
  • Industry accreditation. We are GDPR-compliant and aligned to ISO 27001, and there is bi-annual third-party penetration testing of our software.
  • 24/7 monitoring. Our software is monitored 24/7/52 for availability, performance, and incident management.

For more information about Metapack security policies and standards, see Security.